LBGTQ+ Services staff work with various MIT offices and administrators to explore, assess, and improve the areas of MIT policy and community life where trans concerns may be better addressed. If you experience anything at MIT that does not appear to be in concert with MIT's policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender identity, please contact us. LBGTQ+ Services staff is available to advise and assist MIT community members with any trans-related challenges that occur on campus.

Swim Test

There is a swim test at MIT.  DAPER's website has more information you can learn about the requirements under the "Swim and Boat Test" page, as well as what quarterly offerings are available:
If you have concerns about the swim requirement or questions about how the swim test can be accommodating and/or gender affirming  in a safe and supportive way, you can directly reach out to:  
You can also email LBGTQ+ Services at,if you need additional support or would like the office to email DAPER on your behalf.