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a picture of Lauryn with long purple hair
Lauryn McNair, MSW
Assistant Dean of LBGTQ+, Women and Gender Services (WXGS)
Pronouns: she/they
E-mail:lmcnair@mit.edu <- I love emails! Just call me Lauryn, no gendered titles please. :) 
Lauryn oversees the offices of LBGTQ+ Services and Women and Gender Services (WXGS) at MIT.  In her role, they work with campus partners to build stronger intersectional support systems for undergraduate and graduate students, help create MIT policies that serve marginalized gender identities and sexual orientations, educate the MIT community about best practices to meet the current needs of students, and provide strategic direction and leadership for the Cheney Room and the Rainbow Lounge.
Lauryn joins us after working at Babson College as the Multicultural and LGBTQ+ Program Coordinator. McNair holds an MSW from Boston College School of Social Work with a macro concentration in family, youth, and children and a BA from Colgate University with a double major in sociology and Caribbean studies.