Zoom Pronoun Backgrounds

The IDHR Student Advisory Committee, with the Institute Discrimination and Harassment Response Office and LBGTQ+ Services, have produced pronoun materials for virtual and in-person events. The goal of these materials is to provide the MIT community with a way to make their events, programs, and virtual meetings more inclusive.

The sharing of pronouns should always be offered as an optional choice and never be required.

The Zoom Virtual Backgrounds:

 The Zoom background version of pronouns can be used for meetings, events, and virtual social spaces to help everyone feel welcome and included.

You can download a zip file that includes numerous backgrounds for each pronoun series or download the blank version to type in your own pronouns.

If these standard backgrounds don’t feel like they represent you, we’ve also created a template on Canva for you to customize as you see fit!

The goal of increasing visibility of pronouns in virtual spaces is to normalize the use of a person’s pronouns correctly instead of based on our assumptions about a person’s gender identity.