You Are Welcome Here

Click the image to visit the “You are Welcome Here” campaign website and resources list!

The “You are Welcome Here” campaign seeks to increase visibility, to identify multiple points of access to LBGTQ+ support services, and to create a more welcoming campus environment.

The campaign asks MIT faculty and staff to consider posting a “You Are Welcome Here” sign in a visible location. By posting the sign, individuals are affirming that they:

  1. Will avoid heterosexist assumptions, confront homophobia, and use inclusive language (“partner” or “spouse,” rather than “boyfriend” or “wife”);
  2. Believe that our campus is enriched by the inclusion of LBGT people; and
  3. Will refer individuals to the LBGTQ @MIT and other appropriate resources.

In connection with the “You Are Welcome Here” campaign, QLAB (Queer & LBGT Advisory Board, formerly known as the LBGT Issues Group) has set up a monthly email newsletter for participants in the program. The newsletter has information on current LBGTQ+ related issues and events affecting the MIT community.

The Campaign is built upon similar "Safe Space" or "Safe Zone" programs that have been implemented in schools, universities, companies, and communities across the United States. A listing of schools that sponsor such program is available. Please note that individuals who display the “You Are Welcome Here” sign have not been trained in LBGTQ+ related issues, but they are agreeing to the statements above and helping to create a more welcoming environment on campus.

If you would like to participate in the “You Are Welcome Here” Campaign by posting a sign in your office or workspace or would like more information, please email, visit the SPXCE Intercultural Center (W31-110, 617-258-6732), or stop by the Rainbow Lounge (50-250, 617-253-5440).