Name Changes, Gender Changes, and MIT ID Cards

If you are a member of the MIT community and have gone through the process of a name change and/or gender affirmation, you can follow the steps outlined below in order to change your that information within the MIT system. The process is different for students, alumni, and employees, so please click on the appropriate link for directions.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the policies listed below, feel free to contact the appropriate offices and/or contact LBGTQ Services

Name Changes

You can change your administrative first, middle, and or last name at at the “Biographic Information” section. This name is used on class lists, grade sheets, IDs, and most MIT systems like the MIT Directory, email, and calendaring. 

For more information and for faculty, staff, and affiliates check the Name Changes at MIT Knowledge Base article.

For legal name and gender changes in Massachusetts, see information on the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition website.

Suppress Directory Information

By default, the MIT directory publicly displays the following biographical information about students: your name, course, email address, year, and MIT office address and phone number, if applicable. You can opt out of the MIT Directory at by filling out the “Suppress Directory Information” pdf. 

Zoom Names

You can change your display name on Zoom through an administrative name change. Some students may still have trouble with their display name and might need to work with IS&T. You may do that by emailing IS&T directly and providing the following information:

  • Kerberos username

  • Current display name as it appears on Zoom

  • Exact name you would like displayed


You can change your kerberos name through an administrative name change or a legal name change.  Find out more information on how to do this on The Knowledge Base: Can I Change My Kerberos Name?

Gender Identity Initiative (GII)

The Gender Identity Initiative (GII) aims to identify and implement changes to MIT systems that will improve inclusive representation of gender identities while protecting individual privacy, enabling greater autonomy, and meeting legal requirements. This includes legal sex, gender identity, name, and pronouns.

Given the complexity of MIT’s student and staff systems and the sensitivity of gender identity information, the GII is approaching the project in phases.

  • Phase One (summer 2022) focused on how the Institute collects, stores, uses, and protects gender and sex data.
  • Phase Two (fall 2022/winter 2023) is examining personal pronouns, forms of address, and legal/directory names.

If you have any questions you can go to the Gender Identity Initiative page or email them at:

ID Cards

MIT ID Cards can use preferred names for students and employees. For more specific information for how request new ID cards to reflect your preferred name please refer to MIT Atlas Service Center link on Preferred Names. 


MIT can change an alumnx's name if there is a legal name change documentation. For more information check the Registrar's Office Name Change page on their website.

Diploma & Graduation

Changes to the way your first and middle names appear on your diploma can be made within the degree application without going through a legal name change.  You would just need to change your name in WebSIS. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date. To read how to have the name you would like on your diploma please go to the Registrar's website here:

You can also keep your legal name on your diploma but have your preferred name read out loud at graduation.  To learn more about that please email are Philip Caudillo ( 

MIT Medical

MIT Medical has a pdf resource about how to make name, date a birth, or gender changes so it can be reflected in MIT Medical’s systems.  If you need to make changes you may have to submit paperwork to the following departments.

For more information:

Registrar Name Change Information

Knowledge Base Article on Name Changes at MIT

Card ID Office

Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition page on Identity Documents