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LBGTQ+ 101 Videos   

LBGTQ+ Services is creating quick 101 educational videos for people to view, share, and learn from.  Please check back once a semester to find a new video added.  These videos have toggle on/off closed captions  You can also view and download the full transcript as well by clicking the link below.

Video 1 | Gender Neutral Pronouns: A Quick History and Best Practices

Request a Workshop

Does your organization at MIT want to discuss ways to foster more trans- and queer-inclusive practices? Do you want to encourage the people around you to have a common baseline and understanding of LBGTQ+ terminology? Please fill out this SPXCE request form:

SPXCE Interest Form

This form is for student support.

    Trans Resource

    Find out more information about pronouns, pronoun stickers, and basic practices to make spaces and environments more safe and welcoming for trans individuals. 

    Funding Support From LBGTQ+ Services

    Are you an MIT student group seeking funding for a project or event through LGBTQ+ services? Use this form to apply for funds.  The LBGTQ+ Services team will review all applications and then get back to you about funding and possible next steps.If you are a graduate student group and have questions, please email Nina Foushee you are an undergraduate student group, please email Robert Hines at  

    LBGTQ+ Scholarships has curated a scholarship guide for the LGBTQ+ community. LGBTQ+ students face a variety of obstacles that includes lack of support from their families, high demands on their college expenses, and fears of selecting a gender while filling out FAFSA.

    To learn more and see a list of scholarships, click this link: 

    Campus Resources

    Here you will find LBGTQ-specific details related to various offices and processes across campus. 

    Rainbow Lounge Resources


    For student groups or campus affiliated office/DLCs that want to spearhead an MIT student focused program that aligns with the mission of the Rainbow Lounge, please fill out the form by clicking the following link:

    Media Content

    The Rainbow Lounge is equipped with a variety of books, magazines, and other publications that are accessible during open hours .  Browse our online catalouge here: If you would like to see something specific email Lauryn McNair (

    If you're interested in book recommendations for the MIT Libraries, you can fill out their form here: