Educational Tools

LBGTQ+ 101 Videos   

LBGTQ+ Services is creating quick 101 educational videos for people to view, share, and learn from.  Please check back once a semester to find a new video added.  These videos have toggle on/off closed captions  You can also view and download the full transcript as well by clicking the link below.

Video 1 | Gender Neutral Pronouns: A Quick History and Best Practices

Campus Resources

Here you will find LBGTQ-specific details related to various offices and processes across campus. 


For student groups or campus affiliated office/DLCs that want to spearhead an MIT student focused program that aligns with the mission of the Rainbow Lounge, please fill out the form by clicking the following link:

Media Content

The Rainbow Lounge is equipped with a variety of books, magazines, and other publications that are accessible during open hours .  Browse our online catalouge here: If you would like to see something specific email our office: 

If you're interested in book recommendations for the MIT Libraries, you can fill out their form here: