Professional Development Funds

LBGTQ+ and WoC Professional Development Funds for Undergraduate Students

We are pleased to announce the  creation of two new Professional Development funds. This fund is in collaboration from WGS, OME, and LBGTQ+ brought on by WoC and LBGTQ+ students who had advocated for additional support from MIT.⁠

The Women of Color Professional Fund is for currently enrolled MIT Women of Color undergraduate students. The LBGTQ+ Professional Fund is for currently enrolled all undergraduate MIT students.

You can apply for funding to provide you with the following resources:

-Graduate and professional school applications

-Graduate and professional school travel

-Professional conference registration and travel

-General education opportunities

-Graduate/professional/Medical schools admissions exams

-Graduate/professional/Medical schools exams prep

-Professional attire as it relates to professional dress, including gender affirmation

-Government forms/paperwork fees for LBGTQ+ students

-Legal name change

You can apply for the funds and learn more here:

When you complete the form, please check which fund you are applying for (you may check both).