Annual Events

LBGTQ+ and Ally Leadership and Community-Building Retreat to Provincetown, MA
Every September

All students are welcome on this fun weekend of community building, planning for the year ahead, and enjoying Provincetown. This retreat is for new and returning undergraduate and graduate students, people who have or who might not have been involved in programs or planning, or for people who have questions, ideas, hopes, and energy for making the most of the academic year. The goal of this retreat is to foster relationships among LBGTQ+ and allying students and organizations on MIT's campus and to plan MIT's major LBGTQ+ initiatives for the coming school year. There is no cost for students to attend and meals and transportation will be provided.


Lavender Reception
Every October

LBGTQ @MIT and BGLATA (MIT's LBGTQ+ alumnx group) invites you to join us in an annual celebration of MIT's LBGTQ+ community and National Coming Out Day. Please come by to learn more about undergraduate and graduate LBGTQ+ affirming resources, student clubs, staff and faculty join us as we work together to build a stronger, safer community for students through conversation, light refreshments, and a little fun. If you would like to reserve a resource table or space for your student club or your department/office, contact Lauryn McNair at


TGIF: 'Tute GLBTQ+ Ice Cream Friday (+ Valentine Card Making Party)
Every February

Come join us for our annual Ice Cream Social to kick off the Spring Semester, enjoy each other's company, and mock the cold by eating ice cream (sorbet, tofutti, froyo, etc.) in February! AND - if you are having trouble finding the perfect non-cisnormative, non-heteronormative, bi/pan/omni, poly, and all around Inclusive Valentines for your friends, family, sweety, or for yourself as self care/self love - come make-your-own valentines! There'll be lots of arts-and-crafty things so you can get creative with your cards.


Lavender Graduation
Every May

Lavender Graduation is a celebration of the end of the year and a recognition of our distinguished graduates from the LBGTQ+ and ally community. If you or someone you know is graduating (active in LBGTQ @MIT or not) who identifies as LBGTQ+ or has been important to the community, please send your name (or have them send their own) to Abigail Francis ( and/or Lauryn McNair ( All are welcome during this end-of-the-year community-wide celebration!