The Rainbow Lounge is open! Come drop by Monday - Friday from 12:30pm - 6pm EDT in 50-250 (Walker Memorial). We put a sign out front every day when we're open so you know we're there.

DIRECTIONS: There is tap access into Walker for the door facing the courtyard and the black sculpture. Go past the fireplace, take a left and walk across the ballroom floor to the other side of the room, through the pink swinging door and take the elevator or spiral staircase to the second floor, take a left and you're there. We know it can get confusing so we made a video on our Instagram: Video Tutorial to the Rainbow Lounge


Who We Are

LBGTQ+ Services supports numerous student, employee, and alumnx groups as well as other departments and initiatives on campus aiming to foster equity, intersectionality, and the continuum of social justice. From individual student support to organizational development and institutional policy advocacy, LBGTQ+ Services' support, programming, and educational endeavors aim to enhance the experiences of MIT's LBGTQ+ community.


LBGTQ+ Services Value Statements

  • We educate and uplift the MIT community about the diversity of identities including ace/aro, genderqueer, intersex, nonbinary, pansexual, trans and many more.
  • We encourage others to examine their assumptions, and to practice open, honest, and respectful discussion.
  • We help the community to develop an inclusive, and equitable environment where all experiences and identities - especially intersecting marginalized identities - are welcome.
  • We collaborate with other groups and offices to address issues of social justice on campus including ability, class, gender, race, religion, and sexual/romantic orientation  amongst others. 
  • We work to support improvements to  LBGTQ+ related Institute-wide policy/procedure, communication, advocacy, and organizational change.
  • We advocate for diverse leadership at all levels of MIT.



Contact Us

MIT Rainbow Lounge | Walker Memorial Second Floor (50-250) 
A wheelchair-accessible lift can be found on the western side of Building 50. A swinging door on the opposite eastern end of the large room will lead to an elevator. Upon exiting the elevator on the second floor, make a left and the Rainbow Lounge will be at the far side of the Pritchett Dining room. The Rainbow Lounge can also be reached by stairs via the entrance marked "Pritchett Dining" at the rear of Building 50 facing the East Campus dorms (Building 62).
Hours: The Rainbow Lounge is open Mondays - Fridays from 12pm - 6pm.
Campus Address: Walker Memorial (50-250), 142 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, MA 02139
Mailing Address: 77 Massachusetts Ave (50-250), Cambridge, MA 02139
Email Address: